Links – Private Treatment Centers

R E S I D E N T I A L   H O U S I N G : Company is Comfort…..

Project Transition: Brilliant concept of psychiatrst Loren Crabtree, MD. Two members of ND are currently happily residing there. Both are brilliant women, both artists. Look, if you’ve got a mood disorder, 9 times outa 10, you’re smarter than the average person!

The Lamb Foundation of North Wales, PA

Hedwig House – Several Sites in Philly Area

Residential Facilities – Fabulous Links & Concepts!!!

H E A L E R S: (Here is a list. We do not endorse or own stock in any of the below.)

Bruce Patterson writes about heart attacks and drugs

Bruce S. Zahn, Psychologist

Anorexia: Promising Family-Based Therapy developed at Maudsley Hospital in England

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