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This section contains links on:

1 – Info about Psychiatric Medication
2 – How to Obtain Psych Meds at Affordable Costs
3 – Health in General


All-purpose Medication Website (enter name of med)

Partnership for Prescription Assistance – Largest private-sector program for patients who lack prescription coverage

One-time charge for Free-Med Link.

Help Save Money on Your Meds

Consumer Reports Best Buy Drugs – Superb link about all meds!!!

Search by Zip Code and Medicine
Compare Prices of Medicine

Medicare Formulary Plans:  Formulary=Meds Covered by Your Insurance Plan

Buy your medication from Canada. The 2nd link offers the cheaper medication.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Minit Drugs: Calgary, Alberta, Canada – check out their links on Medicare Part D

Many medicines can be found by entering their name, per below. Someone told us that Lexapro is the best-selling medication for depression. We remind our readers that every medication works differently for every person.

“Worst Pills, Best Pills”: Group co-founded in ’71 by Ralph Nader and Sidney Wolfe, MD
Just b/c a drug is over-the-counter doesn’t mean it’s safe. Take the lowest possible dose.
Best Pills, Worst Pills

Married and Thinking About Getting Pregnant? Consult your doctor about the meds you’re on. Not every med is safe to take while pregnant. And read about the Benefits of Folic Acid below. If you’re single and sexually active, engage in safe sex and use condoms.

G E N E R A L    H E A L T H C A R E

Free email alerts on Healthcare, co-sponsored by
US Library of Medicine & the Nat’l Institutes of Health

HealthLink of Southampton, PA – Free medical & dental care (limited) for the working uninsured of Bucks & Montgomery County, PA. Call 215-364-4247.

Abington Memorial Hospital Outpatient Clinic for Low-Income Patients. All medical services offered except mental health. (For the latter, call Creekwood Community Mental Health Center.) Call 215-481-2000 & ask for Outpatient Clinic.

Doylestown Hospital, and other local hospitals include services for low-income folks.

Temple University Dental Program, offered by dental students & their supervisors. Call 215-707-2900.

Univ. of PA Dental School per above – Call 215-898-8961.

Bruce Patterson writes about effects of illegal drugs on the heart. Very detailed.

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