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Listen to Radio Times interview in the wake of the Newtown, CT shootings – Joseph Rogers et al speak about solutions.

Medscape: Read about Botox Injections for Depression, June 12, 2014.

Medscape: New report shows Lithium and Seroquel equally effective for treatment of Bipolar, June 18, 2014, however, Seroquel is a soporific.

Andrew Solomon on Depression, a 2013 TED Talk

WHYY TV partners with People in Recovery. Watch these short videos.

Video on Teen Depression, 2013, on “Second Opinion”

The New Science of Mind, Eric Kandel, MD, Nobelist for his work on memory, Sept 2013 Sunday Times.

Ted Talks -Listen to Interviews with Diverse Individuals who have triumphed over their Mental Illness

Who am I? How to Distinguish between the Real Me and The Hypomanic Me.

Another article on Lifesaving Coffee, Harvard Med Review

Coffee may save your life says Time mag, July 2013

New treatment for PTSD, effective with war veterans, 2012

New Study Offers Clues to Suicide, July, 2013 in Medscape. If you don’t have an account, set one up for free to read this important article.

The Suicide Detective, Times, June 2013

Suggested Antidepressant Use by Intl Society of Bipolar D/Os, June 2013

Brain Scan Can Detect Treatment for Depression, Brain and Behavior Research Foundation, June 2013

Bipolar D/o: Where did the ‘real me’ go? NY Times mag, April 2013

Yes, you can lose weight while on psych meds. Times, April 2013.

Does Psychotherapy Really Work? Times, March 2013

Mental Disorders Share Genetic Links, NY Times, March 2013

Promising New Therapy to Treat Depression, Feb. 2013, The NY Times.

Terrible trend to prescribe stimulants killed this young man. Don’t fall victim yourself! Times, Feb. 2013

Successful Schizophrenics were discouraged by their doctors, Times, Jan. 2013

New DSM of Psychiatric Disorders will appear in May, Times, Jan. 2013

Please take away my right to own a gun – NY Times, Jan. 2013

Healthy Mind TV Series, sponsored by Brain & Behavior Research

Eric R Kandel, MD, in 10-minute video about brain disorders including importance of psychotherapy, Oct. 2012

Jane Pauley speaks in Bucks Co to help destigmatize bipolar, Oct. 2012

Bipolar Gene discovered in huge study by Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College London, Oct. 2012

Genetic testing for Treatment-Resistant Depression, Sept. 2012

Researchers discover manic gene, Sept, 2012

Ruth Deming and her kidney t’plant featured in Brain & Behavior Research e-News, Aug, 2012

THIS is what it feels like to have a Panic Attack, Times, July 2012

Anxiety? Dan Smith talks about his on Radio Times, July 2012.

Video about importance of body language, June 2012.

Coffee may extend your life, studies show, Times, June 2012

NY Times Mag:  When My Crazy Father Lost His Mind, June 2012.

Fascinating Discussion about Depression on the Charlie Rose Show of May 29, 2012.

What is Depression and How do Drugs Help, Times, April 2012

Promise of Blood Test to Diagnose Depression, LA Times, April 2012

Trauma in Children Helped by Brief Therapy, Times, Apr 2012

Rate of Autism Up 20 percent, Times, March 2012

Body Clocks: Key to Treatment of Bipolar D/O, March 2012


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