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P A R E N T I N G : The most important job in the world. Anyone can be a parent. But how many of us are truly great parents? The goal is to produce a kid who can think for himself, and to nurture them to become the person they truly wish to be, not what we, the parent, want them to be.

Ever fly in a plane with your children? Here’s a website that will help make it a good trip. Thanks, Evan and Mackenzie. View website here.

The Only Child: Tremendous Advantages!

TEC Family Center for Relatives of the Mentally Ill – Edie Mannion, MFT

NAMI Family-to-Family Groups

Some – but certainly not all – individuals with bipolar disorder haven’t been parented properly. We suggest you attend a local Parenting Center, such as the ones below, and talk to other parents. If you’re too far away, talk to other moms in your school system about parenting issues. Good moms and dads make for healthy kids! Yes, we can often stop the cycle!!!

Gold Star Parenting Website: Scholastic Magazines, NYC… Breathtakingly comprehensive!

New site on Autism!

Dr. Phil’s “Tips on Phenomenal Families” (His generally useful “Parenting Tips,” in our opinion, are a bit unhealthy for kids to follow, as superachievement is pushed. Although kids do love to learn, it should be okay to get a “B” on your report card and not made to feel guilty.

How to Be An Effective Parent: Network in Your Neighborhood

Parenting Center, Abington PA

Parenting Center at Hatboro-Horsham

Parenting Center at Upper Dublin

Parenting Center at Upper Moreland

Wissahickon Community Parenting Center


This Quakertown, PA organization emphasizes that
“All children with disabilities are to be educated to the
‘maximum extent’ as with children who do not have disabilities.”

-Federal Law IDEA Sec. 612.5 (A)

For families with kids with disabilities, funded by the US Dept. of Education

Indian Creek Foundation, for 30 years serving adults & kids with dev’l disabilities. provides (1) in-home supports and (2) residential housing

Child & Adolscent Bipolar Foundation

Juvenile Bipolar Research Foundation

Family Service Association of Bucks County

Family and Play Therapy Center (child specialists)

Jewish Family and Children’s Services of Greater Philadelphia

Columbia University Teen Screen Program which assists nationwide communities to develop local screening programs for youth. Screening can take place in schools, doctors’ offices, clinics, youth groups, shelters, and other youth-serving organizations and settings.
Teen Screen

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