Additional Info

Also, two area groups provide superb information on the difficult situation of living with a family member with a mental illness. Check out NAMI’s Family to Family Program, and Edie Mannion and her TEC Family Service Program.

The Family-to-Family Program is run out of the Bucks County NAMI. For info, call 866- 399- 6264

NAMI Main Line’s Excellent Resource List – includes info about disability, Medicare and Medicaid, Crisis

Bucks County NAMI website

We maintain a Top Doc/Top Therapist List recommended by our members.

Helpful info below…just click:

Work with your Doctor to Find the Right Antidepressant

When depression is unremitting Chronic Pain May be Gone Forever with EMF

VNS Success Stories for Treatment-Resistant Depression

Time Mag report on preventing mental illness

Before you go on a powerful ANTIPSYCHOTIC, make sure you really need it! Read this NY Times story.


Yes, yes, we’ve got a mental illness but let’s not forget to get on with our lives. Follow your interests & hobbies and develop new healthy neurons in your brain. Who knows? Some day maybe the healthy neurons will free you from your illness. Find interesting events to stimulate your mind in The Philadelphia Inquirer Bucks County AliveDoylestown Alive.

K N O W   Y O U R   I L L N E S S

Charlie Rose Show on Mental Illness: The Best!

Consumer Reports Magazine: Survey on Depression and Anxiety

Click for slide show on Bipolar Disorder from Web MD.

Click for info re Depression. Meds for Depression.

Click for info re Bipolar Disorder. Meds for Bipolar.

Click for info re Anxiety Disorders.

Click for info re Borderline Personality Disorder.

Click for new NIMH guidelines on Mental Illness in Children.

Click for all-important info about psychotherapy.

New Directions offers a Top Doc and Top Therapist List available when you attend our meeting. We advise you to see someone highly recommended.

MOST OF THE ABOVE INFO is provided by NIMH, the Natl Institute of Mental Health, and offers the best definitions and info for brain disorders. You can also order FREE brochures on bipolar, depression, anxiety, OCD, schizophrenia from NIMH by calling tollfree 866-615-6464 or ordering online.


And, please, do not say “I’m bipolar.” Instead say, “I have bipolar disorder.” We are NOT our illness & have so much to offer.

Borderline Personality Support Group run by Talya LewisHere’s Talya’s website.

Click on Tami’s site for Borderline Personality Disorder.

Read about BPD in this Time mag report.

Resource Guide for Domestic Abuse

New hypothesis on Addiction


Montgomery County Emergency Service610-279-6100. Excellent crisis workers – including help for suicidal people – take calls from patients and family members 24 hours a day.

Horsham Clinic Crisis 24 hours a day. Call 800- 237- 4447.

SUICIDE HOTLINES: Natl Suicide Prevention :

800-273-TALK (8255) – 800-SUICIDE (2433)

HARD-TO-TREAT DEPRESSION? Contact psychiatrist Jay D Amsterdam, MD, at University of PA. Phone 215- 662-3462. Or email him. To see Dr A, you must participate in a study.

OR see John P O’Reardon, MD, of Penn. Call 866-301-4724 – he’ll see you for a consult.

Treatment Advocacy Center has good resources for help with emergencies.

Have you thought about ECT –
electroconvulsive therapy – for severe unremitting depression? Read this Mayo Clinic report. Psychiatrist John Worthington spoke to us about ECT plus other somatic treatments you should consider such as Vagus Nerve Stimulation.

Read Kitty Dukakis’ account of her life-saving ECT.


Lo-cost Blue Cross Insurance

PA FairCare: Health insurance available for uninsured Pennsylvanians

Abram Hoffer and the Discovery of NIACIN to help depression and other conditions

SamE, dietary supplement from a naturally occurring molecule may help hard-to-treat depression

SMOKING CESSATION classes at Abington Memorial Hospital. At Doylestown Hospital.

Mediterranean Diet linked to Lower Depression Rates – eat more olive oil, whole grains, nuts, fresh fruits & vegetables. More of the same.

Brown rice diet helps combat diabetes

Incorporate Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Your Healthy Diet: Joseph Hibbeln, MD, original researcher

Omega-3 Fatty Acid Diet helps fight depression

EXERCISE improves mental health! You know it, now do it!

Patients Like – Great online support and info

New Healthcare Website –


FREE HEALTHCARE FOR THE WORKING UNINSURED: HealthLink of Southampton, PA Other great resources for healthcare

M O R E LO-COST CLINICS: Bucks Co Health Improvement Project Free Adult Clinic, 2560 Knights Road, Bensalem PA. Call 215-633-8397

Ann Silverman Community Health Clinic of Doylestown Hospital, 595 W State St., Doylestown, PA. Call 215-345-2260.

Abington Ambulatory Clinic at Abington Memorial Hospital. Call 215-481-2180.

Quakertown – Volunteer Doctors Care Upper Bucks Clinic, Government Services Center, 261 California Road, Q-town, call 215-538-4774

Children’s Dental Care, Bucks Co Health Improvement Partnership, call 800-347-6880. (BCHIP)

D E N T A L   C A R E

For clinics in Montgomery County. For clinics in Bucks. For Philadelphia, call Einstein dental clinic at 215-438-3313.

K N O W   Y O U R   M E D S

Growing concern about long-term use of meds. Read this revolutionary new book Anatomy of a Epidemic by Robt Whitaker.

Psychotherapy should be tried first before going on medication. By the time people get to a support group, they are already on the medication merry-go-round.

Read this informative website by Peter R Breggin, psychiatrist, who has devoted his career to sounding the alarm about the harm caused by psychiatric drugs. Be sure to watch his videos.

‘Discontinuation Syndromes’ – particularly from Paxil, Luvox, and Effexor – shortest half life – quickly wear off with a single missed daily dosage, says
David Brandsford MD on his blog.

H E L P   P A Y I N G   F O R   Y O U R   M E D S

Drug companies offer a PATIENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAM to help with the high cost of meds. Your psychiatrist will send the drug company a letter to get you drugs for free or at a reduced cost. Here’s the page for Lilly, makers of Zyprexa, Cymbalta, Prozac. And the page for Abbott Labs, makers of Depakote.

Click here for help with drug costs, courtesy of Philly Health Info.

FREE Drug Program for eligible Americans. Click.

FREE for all eligible Pennsylvanians. Click.

Paul Bright writes How to get Bipolar Meds for free.

Citizens of PA can apply for help paying for your MEDS if you have a diagnosis of schizoaffective or schizophrenia. Go to this website, go to Mental Health; click More; select Special Pharm. Benefits Program, Mental Health. For info, call 877-356-5355.

Abington Pharmacy is open till midnite every day of the year except Xmas & Turkey Day. Find them at 1460 Old York Road across from Target, Abington, PA 19001. Call 215-884-2767


New Directions’ Guide to Finding a Job in the Internet Age

Goodwill Industries of Fort Washington, PA, offer 2 employment programs – one for seniors 55 and older, the other for people w/disabilities. Click here. Call 215-653-7095.

Office of Vocational-Rehab will help you find a career! (but, slowly)

If you’re on disability, you can still work! Click on this helpful website, courtesy of our friend Fran Hazam.

US government unveils site on Disability.

New Directions is seeking a vocational counselor to work with our members, all of whom are either in the workforce or do meaningful volunteer work.

Some of our members have found jobs through Internet sites such as INDEED. COM MONSTERCAREER BUILDERSIMPLY HIREDCRAIGSLIST – OR Your Local Library (Wissahickon, Abington, Northeast Regional)


Depression and bipolar disorder often enter our lives in our late teens or when we go away to college. Don’t despair. Who says you must finish college when you’re 22? Take your time. Relax. Don’t take a full courseload. Take the pressure off yourself.

Some folks decide to get an online degree. A librarian at the Glenside Library received her graduate degree online. “Not that expensive,” she says.

Here’s a directory of online studies

V O L U N T E E R – A Stepping-stone to Employment

ARE YOU A PEACENIK? Get involved with fun-lovin’ activists. Attend their events
to put meaning in your life.


VOLUNTEER & JOB OPPRS for the over-fifty set. Coming of Age.

OTHER VOLUNTEER OPPs include the Undeniable Challenge of Our Time, the Saving of our Planet from Pollution. Click on PBS show NOVA: The Dimming of the Sun. Read Times article on Energy Efficiency.

working with seniors you can stop in at the Abington Meals on Wheels. Call them at 215-886-2206.


Social Security is open 24/7. 800-772-1213

Or speak to Denis Hazam of Mental Health Assn. 267-507-3893.


Panic Attacks? Breathing exercises by Buteyko may help

Compass Summer/Fall ’09, The compass is a 10mb PDF file and may take several minutes to download. Click to Download.

Dr Martin Seligman’s Positive Psychology, Inquirer May 2010

Facing Bipolar: The Young Adult’s Guide to Dealing with Bipolar Disorder by Russ Federman, Ph.D. and J. Anderson Thomson, Jr., MD, New Harbinger Publications, 2010, 160 pages

For books on Loved ones of Bipolar People click here

For books on Bipolar, Depression & Anxiety click here. From BP mag.

For books on Bipolar etc from DBSA click here

Origins of bipolar brain: enter Michael Meaney in search engine. He’s done groundbreaking research with rats which give clues to why we get it, and how we can prevent it in our children.

New Mood Disorders Center opens at University of TX Houston

Study shows Young Adults may Outgrow Bipolar Disorder

Be cool. Do not smoke pot. More hazardous to the health of The Teen Brain than previously thought.

SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDER is a serious form of depression. Brighten your home w/ incandescent light bulbs, 100 watts, daylight, full spectrum. Stay in well-lit rooms or near windows during daylite hours. Sleep in total darkness at nite to stimulate the brain chemical melatonin to help you sleep. Don’t forget the importance of walking – and exercise – to tire you out before bedtime. Avoid caffeine after 3 pm.

MED QUESTIONS? Call retired pharmacist Larry DiBello at 610-543-2966.

Click on Jane Brody’s article in the Times focusing on cardiac health. Home-cooked meals are best as they avoid sodium, processed foods, artery-clogging fats. Eat fish, whole grains, nuts, fresh fruit & veggies. New study reveals heavy meat-eaters die sooner.

In the dimming light of fall and winter, cheer up your home with Flowers such as cyclamen. They bloom indoors. Place them prominently in your living room near a window. Get them at Produce Junction which sells many flowers at great prices. Would you believe $2.50 per plant? Buy 4 and give one as a gift.

TAKE YOUR MEDS with water
, not juice. Click on NY Times article.

AH-CHOO! If you have an allergy or the common cold, make sure your psych meds are not affected by your allergy or cold medicine. Research this before swallowing!

P R I V A T E   T R E A T M E N T   C E N T E R S I N C L U D E

Psychological Services & Human Development, Ft Washington – 215-540-5860

Collaborative Care of Abington, 215-884-1776

Southampton Psychiatric Associates, Call 215-355-2011

Beck Institute on Cognitive Therapy, Bala Cynwyd, PA, 610-664-3020

Growth Opportunity Center, Huntingdon Valley, PA, 215-947-8654

Philmont Guidance Center – Huntingdon Valley, Flourtown & Doylestown PA

Council for Relationships, 14 locations, 215-382-6680

SRI Psychological Services, Jenkintown & Philadelphia, 215-885-3337

Ron Lewis Associates, Fort Washington, PA, 215-643-0200

Life Counseling Services, J’town, Lansdale, Northeast, Downtown, 800-882-2799

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, 800-879-2467, World renowned care for kids

Holy Redeemer Counseling Center, adjustable fees, also take a free screening test to see if you have a mood disorder, 521 Moredon Rd, Hunt Valley, PA 19006, Call 215-938-1130.

Crystal Group Associates, Wyndmoor, PA, 215-233-3999

Take this self-diagnosis test by Allen Frances, MD, chair of the DSM-IV

C O M M U N I T Y M E N T A L H E A L T H C E N T E R S (Public) – For free or lo-cost treatment

Bucks County Dept. of Mental Health 215-442-0760, ext. 0- scroll down for listings on:
Penn Foundation in Sellersville, 215-257-6551
Lenape Foundation in Doylestown, 215-345-5300
Penndel MH Center in Penndel, 215-752-1541

Montgomery County Dept. of Behavioral Health 610-278-3642 –
(serves Willow Grove and Eastern Montco), call 215 830 8966 Central (serves Norristown & Central Montco inc. Plymouth Mtg, Bryn Mawr) call 610 277 9420
Creative Health Services
(Pottstown and Western Montco), call 610 326 2767 – Penn Foundation of Sellersville, call 215 257 6551
NHS of Lansdale, call 215 368 2022
Lower Merion
Counseling Center of Bryn Mawr call 610 649 6512

Philadelphia Dept of Behavioral HealthOffice of Mental Health, call 215-685-5400. Great City resources at Network of Care.

For MH Centers in Philly, click here.

Delaware County, PA Office of Behavioral Health
, 20 S. 69th Street, Upper Darby, PA 19082 Phone: 610-713-2365

P S Y C H H O S P I T A L S IN B U C K S & M O N T C O

Brooke Glen Beh’l Health Hospital, Fort Washington, PA, 215-641-5300

Friends Hospital, Northeast Philadelphia, 215-831-4600

Horsham Clinic, Ambler, PA, 215-643-7800

Belmont Center, Philadelphia
, 1-800-EINSTEIN

Lower Bucks Hospital, Bristol, PA 215-785-9521

Bryn Mawr Hospital, Bryn Mawr, PA 484-337-3000


NOTE: The Community Mental Health Center in your area — see above — is a good starting point for info about Group Housing.

CareLink offers services in Montgomery, Delaware and Chester Counties.

Project Transition. Call 215-997-9959

Want a PRIVATE APT or a ROOM? Check this Bucks County site

Greystone residential housing on grounds of Friends Hospital for severely ill.

Vika Home in Ambler, PA. Superb care for the most severely ill. 215-646-3853.

Parents! For help with your mentally ill loved one after you are gone, check out PLAN of PA. They help w/case mgmt, trust fund mgmt.

Residential Living Options, Chester & Delaware counties

Temp. care – Griswold Special Care, Erdenheim, PA

Gheel House, Spring City, PA 19475

Homeless shelters
in the Philadelphia area & suburbs. Click here.

There are numerous residential healing places for mental illness. These are very expensive but may be helpful. Use your search engine to find them.

S O , W H A T ‘ S N U?

Essay by Glenn Close on Stigma, Her sister has BP

NAMI, Main Line of PA, published an extensive resource guide.

HELP MANAGING YOUR MONEY: Consumer Credit Counseling.

N E W ! Bipolar Foundation, international, hosted in the UK

D I G T H I S !

Et tu, Freddie?
Read this NY Times crash course on the influence of drug companies on cool dudes such as co-author of Manic-Depressive Illness.

Letters! We write letters!
Become an advocate! Ruth’s Guest Column in the Doylestown, PA-based Intelligencer, Aug. 31, 2008. Letter to the Editor, Philly Inquirer Aug. 8, 2008. Philly Inquirer Jan. 4, 2009. Ruth’s Letter to the Editor on the importance of mandatory outpatient treatment for some people w/mental illness. Ruth herself was 302’d in 1984 and thanked her mother for doing so. Would you believe she got one in the Cape Cod Times?

Advocates like us finally pushed thru the Mental Health Parity Bill.

AMERICANS WITH DISABILITY ACT resurrected in Congress on Sept. 18, 2008 after Supreme Court had interpreted the 1990 bill as narrowly as possible denying its benefits to many disabled. Click on Times article.

C L A S S E S for self-improvement at Belmont Center in Philadelphia near Bala Cynwyd. Click here.

C L I C K Ruth’s blog of Jan. 17, 2008: Why I’m Cured.

C L I C K here for Ruth’s Blog entry: Bipolar Meds.

C L I C K Ruth’s Guest Editorial in the Doylestown, PA Intelligencer, 1-18-08.

I N F O PACKET written by 4 of our members. Click our Quik Books on Left.

C L I C K Excellent videos of famous people w/mood disorders: Mike Wallace and Jane Pauley, sponsored by the smart people at NARSAD. And DO NOT MISS this video of a law professor w/schizophrenia. Go Elyn Saks go!

C L I C K Resources galore for folks with mood disorders & their families from Philly’s Own College of Physicians.

The Bipolar Foundation: Equilibrium, an int’l nonprofit HQ’d in the UK, hosted its biennial conference in Pittsburgh in June 09. Online conferences can be heard here.

Extra extra! Ruth Deming featured in NY Times. 2008: Raising Rates w/o Losing Clients. 2009: Revisiting Entrepreneurs who Ride the Economic Waves.


PA Peer Support Coalition

Patients Like Me – Great info and support

Master’s in Healthcare – Job Opportunities

Peter Breggin, the ‘conscience of psychiatry

David Brandsford MD, psychiatry blog

Ryan Rivera’s Calm Clinic – Coping w/ Anxiety sans Meds

The Mood Gym, interactive cognitive behavioral therapy from Australia

Mental Health Ministries

Depression Forums

Bazelon Mental Health Legislation – get on their E list, all-purpose MH site

Jane Alexander cured herself from bipolar w/voices
Read her amazing website

Disability Rights Network of PA, advocating for rights of disabled

John McManamy, award-winning infomaniac.

Yes, people can ENTIRELY RECOVER from mental illness and be off meds for good! Consider these Recovery Stories from Power2U.

The MacGuffin factual reports on all things psychiatric including Big Farma

Tom Wootton’s Bipolar Advantage

UltraWellness by Mark Hyman, MD – Healthy Ways of Eating

You name it, Counselor.Org Helps with it

Bipolar College Professor’s Blog – Yay! Mark Grimsley

Grimsley on telling his fellow academics about his bipolar d/o

Gianna Kali’s Alternatives Website

Mad Pride: Will Hall, unmedicated advocate whose voices howl

The Icarus Project, balancing Madness and Creativity

Our favorite Med Site, Just the facts – always check em out

Souful Sepulcher, Stephany’s award-winning MH blog e-x-p-o-s e

Dr. Dan Carlat Psychiatry Blog promoting Honesty in Psychiatry

Face to Face: Health Blog on Anything that ails you

BNET: Mental Health Articles including Meds

Get daily updates on mental health: Behavioral Healthcare Journal

Superb VIDEOS on all subjects mental by NARSAD and & PBS New York

BipolarHappens written by a bipolar woman

Dr. John Grohol’s Psych Central

Psych Central Meds

Crazy Meds: Informative quirky website

Help for Bipolar Loved Ones….by Paul Bright

Tardive Dyskinesia Center – when meds, sadly, go awry

Treatment Advocacy Center, speaking out for the most vulnerable among us

Active Minds for Suicide Prevention with chapters on college campuses

DBSA group in Atlanta, GA – great info!

Furious Seasons, award-winning site by Philip Dawdy

The Sidewalk Psychiatrist, Dan Hartman MD.

bp magazine. HealthyPlace. PMHCA. Bazelon Law.

The DBSA of Chicago

Job Opportunities from The Government thru OVR

Job Opps thru The Private Sector – Hello John & Chris!

Washington Post story Healing a Troubled Mind

Mary Ellen Copeland. Vermont-based healing

Bipolar Advantage Newsletter – solution-oriented!

Gianna’s Cautionary Tale of Going Off Meds

Ask the Therapist at PsychCentral

NYC Support Group Here We Come!

Model Support Group in New Jersey

Model support group in Delaware with a Great Name!

Gracelyn Guyol healed her bipolar disorder sans drugs.

Kay Jamison interview w/bp Magazine

NY Times videos of 9 men & women with bipolar disorder, July 16, 2008.


ANDREW WEIL, MD, loves healthy foods for a healthy mind & body.


Seniors Helping Seniors, a nonprofit in Bucks County, call 610-858-2556.

Work 16 hours at St. Mary Medical Center in Langhorne and get benefit pkg

Work 20 hrs at Starbucks and get full healthcare pkg


Photos from our Abington Library Display Case for April is Poetry Month. Did you know that many of us with mood disorders have The Artist’s Condition?

A D V A N C E S IN MEDICINE: Barking Up the New Tree of Glutamate. Click here for info & foods with glutamate.

W H Y W A T C H Y O U R D I E T ? Read this NY Times article of Feb. 5, 2008 on the life-threatening Metabolic Syndrome. Click here. And don’t forget your all-important aerobic exercise. Park far away & w-a-l-k. Take the s-t-a-i-r-s.

M O O D C H A R T S: Is your Mood off the charts? Find out by downloading a FREE mood chart, invented by Gary Sachs, MD. Click here & scroll down. For a comment by originator Gary Sachs, click here. Thanks to Our Jessica for reminding us of the importance of mood charting!

S I G N U P for FREE email alerts on Advocacy Issues affecting those of us with Mental Illness or our Loved Ones. Click on Mental Health America. Click on NAMI.

from National Institute of Mental Health. Click here to learn about the combined, small effects of variations in many different genes in the brain, none of which is powerful enough to cause the disease by itself. Study published in Molecular Psychiatry, May 8, 2007.

OUR INFORMATION PACKET, written by 4 of our members, appears on wikiHow, part of Wikipedia visited by millions of people per day.

Purchase HEALTH INSURANCE from this Award-winning Website.
Click here. Uninsured & between the ages of 19 – 64 w/pre-existing conditions? Contact Uninsured Hotline for Pennsylvanians at 800-234-1317 or click here.

We encourage our members
to remain in the workforce. However, if you are unable to work, here’s a website on How to Get Disability. Written by an attorney near Lansing, Michigan, she says your best bet is to have your psychiatrist vouch for you. Click here on her excellent website.

Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania (a merge of PA Protection & Advocacy and the Disabilities Law Project) in Harrisburg hosts helpful info about disability. Click here.

Patronize our talented people & family members:

For many people in Our Crowd, such as Nick Breslin, below, owning one’s own business is both pleasurable & profitable.

* Landscaping by Ginny. Call 215-438-3313.

* Ron Abrams is an attorney whose concentration is on helping people get back on their feet again after being injured in an accident. Feel free to email him at or call him at 215-627-1012.

* Nick Breslin Builds a Better Deck
Breslin Decks & Awning

* Stephen Views the News
His witty insightful political blog will inspire you to volunteer your services to make this a better planet

* Our Robert B. Cuddy

ComforTan, Inc. of Warrington, PA
Bob & wife Lynn’s business was featured on the Jay Leno Show on 3-13-07. Click here. The Cuddys had a vision and stuck to it!

* Our Bob’s Blog: Brilliance on the Rampage
– our first webmaster & the man who told us, “Privacy no longer exists.”
The Bendesky Family Website

Great interview with the late writer William Styron (1925-2006) who discusses his depression, as does his wife, Rose. Styron didn’t suffer his first depression until the age of 60, and his second episode 20 years later. His best-selling memoir “Darkness Visible” chronicles his illness while describing the importance of a loving family, particularly his wife Rose; fellowship with others who understand the illness; and hospitalization as a safe haven. Click here to read.

Yes, You Can Change, but only If You Wish – It Takes Immense Courage to Face the Truth About Yourself – Read About “Schema Therapy” developed by Jeffrey E. Young, PhD, of Columbia University. Some of our members have had parents with borderline personality disorder and come from enmeshed families.

“Worst Pills, Best Pills”: Group co-founded in ’71 by Ralph Nader and Sidney Wolfe, MD. Remember, just because a drug is over-the-counter doesn’t mean it’s safe. Take the lowest possible dose.
Best Pills, Worst Pills

Reading material, courtesy of:
Families for Depression Awareness:
Click on their A+ Website, then read their list on:
General books on Mood Disorders
Books for Family Members

What’s the Best Therapy? W-O-R-K !!!!! Read below.

Click here for Jobs in Pennsylvania. Click here for Jobs for People with Disabilities. Also Your Ticket to Work.

Housing problems? Contact Fair Housing Rights in Jenkintown, PA.

Story about Ruth Z Deming in Jewish Exponent 9-15-05.

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