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Starting January 1st, New Directions will no longer be a registered non-profit. Meetings will continue on Zoom but in-person meetings will not.

This website may be removed in the near future as we transition to a new phase.

Thanks to everyone who supported New Directions over the prior 4 decades. For now, the rest of the content on this site will remain available but will no longer be updated.

READ NEW INFO BELOW – Ruth Z Deming, MGPGP, Founder/Director, New Directions, March 29, 2022

Our Hatboro PO Box 181 is no longer in service.


Your premier support group in the Philadelphia area for people with Depression, Bipolar Disorder and their Loved Ones. Email us at ruthdeming@comcast.net.

***EVENING MEETINGS AT ABINGTON PREZ are cancelled until further notice. If interested in ZOOMING, email ruthdeming@comcast.net.

***DAYTIME MEETINGS AT WILLOW GROVE GIANT are on hold for now. Contact EVE MASLIN at  <eve.maslin@gmail.com>



NOTE: FROM NAMI BUCKS COUNTY. For questions, contact the appropriate NAMI representative. 

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New! Emotional Support WarmLine
The Bucks County WarmLine provides free, confidential emotional support and resources to individuals, family members and loved ones facing mental health challenges. Call 215-343-3055 and press 2 from 3:00 PM until 10:00 PM daily if you need the support of a NAMI Peer. We understand because we’ve been there.
Soft Launch on Monday, August 16th (Hours: 3 PM – 7 PM)
We’re offering a “soft launch” of the NAMI Bucks County WarmLine with limited hours – Monday through Friday from 3:00 PM until 7:00 PM – beginning on Monday, August 16, 2021. We will operate with “soft launch” availability until our final launch date of September 1, 2021.
Full Launch on Wednesday, September 1st (Hours: 3 PM – 7 PM)
Beginning September 1, 2021, the WarmLine will be available to Bucks County residents from 3:00 PM until 10:00 PM, 7 days a week.

NEW:  Click to download The Compass, Spring 2019

NOTE:  We publish new work – poems or opinions – under Online Kaleidoscope. If interested, please email Compass123@comcast.net

SEE SCHEDULE BELOW … Team Leaders include: Ada Moss Fleisher, Helen Kirschner, Fontaine Caldwell. Carole and Gregory Hodges run our Loved Ones’ Group.  Photo by Greg Hodges, lower right. Ruth Z Deming, MGPGP, founder/director, in her “Ask me Why I have 3 kidneys T-shirt.” Taking lithium for 16 yrs ruined her kidneys and she had a transplant. Read her Lithium post. For other famous people w/mood disorders click here.

Candid blog of Ruth Z Deming, MGPGP, click here.

2 0 2 2 Meetings and Events 

. . .  M A Y       Vaccinate Vaccinate Vaccinate

WE NO LONGER MEET IN PERSON at the Willow Grove Giant.

In the pandemic, wear a mask, stay 6 feet at least from others, wash your hands – and mail people greeting cards. They love it! 

Get to know your neighbors.

Montgomery County, PA, continues to be at HIGH RISK for Covid. Wear masks if going out.  Do not take chances. Check CNN News.

If you are on the medication lithium, special procedures are warranted. Click here for more info.


Due to outbreak of Covid-19, all meetings and events have been canceled until further notice, wrote Pastor Kirby Lawrence of Abington Presbyterian.

Stay in touch with friends and loved ones via phone or email.  It is not your imagination our minds get duller !

Wear a mask! AND wash hands when you re-enter your home.

Again, wash your hands, for 20 seconds.

Thanks Helen Kirschner, and Eve Maslin, heads of our Daytime Meeting, for events by the Philadelphia Orchestra.

Contact RuthDeming@comcast.net for Evening Meetings. ZOOM with us. 


For more frequent meetings, see NAMI BUCKS COUNTY

Click here.

THE POWER PROGRAM for education. Contact Ms. Teyn​é Crum-Obasuyi, M.A
Montgomery County Community College
Power Program Community Liaison & Adjunct Facilitator


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