Tues., Aug 21 – Speaker Meeting, 7:30 pm, Karl E Rickels, MD

Tues., Aug 21, 7:30 pm – Speaker Meeting, Karl E Rickels, MD, Professor of Behavior and Reproduction in Psychiatry at University of Pennsylvania.

Dr Rickels will discuss the new serotonergic drug Viibryd (vilazodone), reputed to work in 2 weeks, with no sexual side effects.

Rickels, founder of Penn’s Mood & Anxiety Clinic, will also answer your questions about how to best treat anxiety, panic disorders, and other challenges.

In 2011, Rickels, born in 1924, wrote his autobiography, “A Serendipitous Life: From German POW to American Psychiatrist.” Raised in Berlin, he fought in World War II at 19, under Rommel (“The Desert Fox”), after which he attended medical school in Germany. He arrived in America for postgraduate training and stayed on at University of PA.

He makes trips back to his homeland to visit his son and other relatives.

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