Deplin by Rx Only

DeplinĀ® is a medical food containing L-methylfolate, the active form of the vitamin, folate.

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On CrazyBoards, a woman wrote:

Q:Ā  I work in healthcare and have BP and noticed a patient was prescribed Deplin with their antidepressant and said she felt better than she had in years. Deplin is supposedly just a form of folic acid, M-methylfolate or something like that… Has anyone heard of it, tried it, know anything about it?


A: It’s L- Methylfolate. brand name is Deplin. And its creators should be given money, awards etc. It’s a version of folate that can cross the blood-brain barrier. Some people can take all the folate in the world and their body doesn’t have enough of the enzymes required to break it down and absorb it.


Since absorbing this is important in the process of creating serotonin and various other neurotransmitters, people with this issue aren’t helped enough by serotonin re-uptake inhibitors since they don’t have enough of them to start with. This helps “fill your well” so to speak so that the other drugs that enhance the efficient use of neurotransmitters have enough to play with. They tell you it can take up to six weeks to feel the effect but I felt noticeably better after 5 days.


Unless you have some sensitivity to B-vitamins there is not really a problem with toxicity since it is a waterbased vitamin and your kidneys eliminate any extras. It may have no effect all for some but for me it was great. I am still having issues with depression but the constant feeling like I had given blood, run a marathon and been beaten with a stick all the freakin time has started to lift.


By the time in the day when I normally felt like all I could do was lie back down ( about five minutes after waking up) I actually felt like doing some of the crap around the house I am always yelling at myself for not doing.


I am not a health professional in any way but just a nutty who took organic chemistry. This stuff requires a prescription but even full price (I don’t have insurance) is less than $50 at my local retail pharmacy. I am happy to pay it. I had blood tests that showed vitamin deficiencies (B-12, folate and D among others) and regular antidepression drugs just weren’t doing it, so my psychiatrist threw it in the mix to see if would help and it was a godsend.


Good luck.




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