FYI: Good articles and Videos

Addiction Centers not all they’re cracked up to be. Do your research. Times, Feb. 2013

Psychiatrist Dan Fisher, who has schizophrenia, writes about his views of psychosis and why it happens

When my Crazy Father Lost His Mind: Times Mag, June 2012

Coffee may extend your life, studies show, Times, June 2012.

Charlie Rose: Brain Series on Depression, May 2012

Trauma in Children Helped by Brief Therapy, Times, Apr 2012

Rate of Autism Up 20 percent, Times, Mar 2012

Helen Fisher Talks About Love & Lust, TED video

Body Clocks Help Explain Bipolar D/o, Sci Daily,Mar 2012

Memory Loss? New Study Reveals that psychiatric drugs – and many others – cause cognitive impairment, Times, Feb. 2012

The New Science of Feelings, Newsweek, Feb. 2012

Excellent 23-min video on love, lust, attachment and the dangers of antidepressant overuse.

Autism Hidden in Plain Sight, LA Times, Dec. 2011

Lightboxes chase away Winter Blues. Read this Nov. 2011 story from the Times.

49-yo Schizophrenic Man has Productive Life, Times, Nov. 2011

Treating Thyroid Problems may head off Psychiatric Problems, Times, Nov. 2011

High-profile people w/ schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder come forward, Times Oct. 2011

Depressed Afghanis strongly respond to talk therapy implemented by Inge Missmahl, July 2010 Video

Midwestern Man Prevails over Taunting Voices, Aug. 2011 Times

New Risks Detailed for Older Adults 65-plus on Antidepressants, Huff. Post, Aug. 2011

Who gets addicted? Read Times story of August 1, 2011 in response to death of performer Amy Winehouse

NFL player gets help from Ricky Williams, below, and now reveals he has borderline personality

NFL player reveals he has bipolar disorder in new documentary

The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive – entertaining documentary w/Stephen Fry who travels around interviewing people like himself with bipolar

Noted Depression Researcher at Penn charges colleagues w/Research Misconduct, Inquirer, July 2011

In defense of antidepressants by Peter Kramer, Times, July, 2011

Responses to Kramer’s Article

Marsha Linehan, creator of DBT,  discloses her own Borderline Personality Disorder, Times, June 2011

Addictions now considered Medical Diseases, Times, July, 2011

Antidepressant-induced Chronic Depression now called “tardive dysphoria,” Bob Whitaker, June 2011

On Addiction: Nora Volkow, PhD, (Trotsky’s grand-daughter) head of National Institute on Drug Abuse, NY Times 6-14-11

Lithium toxic to kidneys after 10 years of use:  from American Assn.  of Kidney Patients, May 2011 – scroll down to read article by kidney doctor

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