Self-esteem/Goals Group

Within the next month or two, Ruth Z Deming, MGPGP, director of New Directions, will run one of her popular Goals Groups out of her Willlow Grove living room.

Time: Six consecutive Monday evenings from 7 to 9 pm.

Cost: $50 for all 6 sessions.

What do we do? Clients will set weekly goals that are relatively easy to accomplish. Through use of peer support and a sense of accountability, an ultimate goal of, say, finding a job, will be implemented in small steps. Clients will report success and failures to group every week, with the aim of learning from mistakes and gaining confidence. The group is filled with positive energy and positive vibes to help everyone move forward in their all-important goals of accomplishing their dreams.

Previous clients accomplished these important goals: One person found a job after a long layoff,  another had a life-saving operation after procrastinating for five years; yet another learned to deal with dad’s terminal illness.

How do I sign up? Call Ruth at 215-659-2142 for a brief phone interview, or email her at

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