Welcome to New Directions! Now in our 36th Year!

Your premier support group in the Philadelphia area for people with Depression, Bipolar Disorder and their Loved Ones. Call us at 215-659-2142 (new phone no.) or email us at [email protected] 

***MEETINGS AT ABINGTON PREZ are cancelled until further notice.***

***MEETINGS AT WILLOW GROVE GIANT are cancelled until further notice.***

SUICIDE HOTLINE – Call  1 800 273 8255

SUICIDE HOTLINE – Call  1 800 273 8255

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SEE SCHEDULE BELOW … Team Leaders include: Ada Moss Fleisher, Helen Kirschner, Fontaine Caldwell. Carole and Gregory Hodges run our Loved Ones’ Group.  Bart, how ya doin? Photo by Greg Hodges, lower right. Ruth Z Deming, MGPGP, founder/director, in her “Ask me Why I have 3 kidneys T-shirt.” Taking lithium for 16 yrs ruined her kidneys and she had a transplant. Read her Lithium post. For other famous people w/mood disorders click here.

2 0 2 0 Meetings and Events

. . .  O C T O B E R . . . Fall is here! The month of Pumpkins, Falling Leaves, and Delicious Eateries! 

If you keep a scrapbook, insert leaves of various colors to remember later in life!


Due to outbreak of Covid-19, all meetings and events canceled until further notice, wrote Pastor Kirby Lawrence of Abington Prez and Robin Franklin of the Daytime Meeting. 

Stay in touch with friends and loved ones via phone or email.  

Stay safe by staying indoors. Leave home for walks, staying 6 feet apart when you encounter others. Very important! 

Wear a mask!

And, of course, wash your hands, for 20 seconds.

Thanks Helen Kirschner, head of our Daytime Meeting, for events by the Philadelphia Orchestra.

Let us know if you wish to zoom with us for daytime and evening meetings.


Our EVENING MEETINGS are the FIRST and THIRD Tuesdays of the month at Abington Presbyterian Church, 1082 York Road at Susquehanna, Abington PA 19001.

Formerly, the time was 7 to 9:15 pm. We asked a donation of $5 per person or $8 for entire family.

Our DAYTIME MEETINGS are the SECOND and FOURTH Thursdays at Willow Grove Giant Supermarket, 315 York Road, Willow Grove PA 19090. Time is 10 am until noon. Enter Giant on right of store, make quick right and take stairs or elevator to second floor. Classroom no. will be posted.

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